January 2024

Inspiring Collaborations at Co-Creation Workshop with Students

Short before Christmas marked an exciting chapter in our journey as we hosted a dynamic Co-Creation Workshop with motivated students. The aim of the event was to have our prototype evaluated by the students and to jointly design the next components of the learning environment.

During the workshop, students had the chance to actively engage with our prototype, sharing ideas and perspectives on the Comic Automaton and the learning platform. The vibrant exchange of ideas resulted in innovative ideas and fresh insights.

We express our gratitude to the students who participated, contributing their energy and enthusiasm. This Co-Creation Workshop exemplifies our commitment to involve potential future users in our development process.

Pre-Christmas atmosphere
Our prototype was tested
Creative work
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Autumn 2023

Participation in recent congresses

We are thrilled to share our recent experiences at scientific congresses, where we had the opportunity to engage with researchers both from the agricultural and the gamified learning field from around the globe. These events provided valuable insights and feedback regarding our project.

Over the past months our team actively participated in “Fachgespräch Landwirtschaftliche Tierhaltung - Ohne Pansen geht es nicht! Mit Wiederkäuern in die Zukunft", the “European Conference on Games Based Learning”, the “International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Japan” and had a poster at the " Internationalen Tagung Angewandte Ethologie". At these events, we had the chance to display our latest prototypes and concepts, get in exchange with experts and collected ideas for the further development process.


Since our workshop in February, the prototype has developed steadily and has been expanded to include the concept of the Comic Automat

A "Comic Automat" is an interactive learning tool in the style of a comic, which can be used to teach a subject area including background information. The interactions in the comic make it possible to try out different forms of animal management and create different narrative strands.

Learning paths with negative outcomes can also contain important insights and be tested in the digital game without harming real animals. 

On June 14, the concept of the comic automat was presented to a poster presentation at the Research and Transfer Day of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. 

In addition, a group of students worked in the summer semester on the creation of an interactive comic on the topic of "correct milking".

Our cow in comic style
© Denis Malinko
A story begins
© Denis Malinko
Our calf in comic style
© Denis Malinko
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In February, the second workshop with students from HSRW took place. For a whole day, students were able to test our two prototypes and contribute their own ideas in several interactive sessions. 

The prototypes were also evaluated using an established user experience questionnaire.

This exchange is very helpful for the development of an attractive learning environment. Since the workshop, our prototype has steadily evolved and impulses from the students have been integrated, so that we are now moving into the programming of the learning unit "Colostrum".

Fun learning experience
Focused work phases
Various methods
Space for ideas
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"Digital solutions in vocational and technical schools for agriculture" was the title of the BZL Online Education Forum Vocational Education, where we had the pleasure to present our project.

Here is a short review of the multifaceted event: 

BZL-Online-Bildungsforum: Digitalisierung in der beruflichen Bildung | Bildungsserver Agrar

Tierschutz-erLeben - Berufliche Bildung digital neu gedacht
Bildnachweis: Folie aus der Präsentation auf dem Bildungsforum erstellt mit Canva


We follow the approach of human-centered design when creating the learning environment.

With this approach, future users are directly involved in the development process. At the end of June, we held our first workshop with students from the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. Here we presented our prototype and received the feedback and ideas of the students in a direct exchange, which we are currently integrating into the further conceptual design.

Fotografie: Hände auf einem Tisch, Stifte, Entwürfe, Workshop
Bildnachweis: gemeinsames Konzeptionieren im ersten Workshop des Projektes © Jana Kalb