Collage aus verschiedenen Comic Elementen

The simulation game and learning platform are currently being created. Find out more about the development process under News!

Here you can apply knowledge in realistic simulations in the form of interactive comics and check it in a playful way. Learning with a comic gives you a completely new, exciting and intuitive learning experience.

Will you be able to apply the knowledge you have acquired correctly and take care of your virtual cattle and sheep in the best possible way?

If you don't succeed immediately, that's no problem. Because then the Comic Automaton gives you the opportunity to try things out again or to take a closer look at the content, which allows you to expand your knowledge in a targeted manner.

You can also try different herd management strategies without affecting the welfare of real animals.

The Simulation Game

The Learning Platform

The learning platform offers you attractively prepared content, for example on the basics of anatomy and physiology, animal behavior (ethology) or specific topics related to herd management of cattle and sheep.

You can look at these topics individually or learn them one after another, as each one builds on the previous module.

Individual modules can also be used for professional teaching in courses or lectures.

We offer:


  • Versatile learning modules
  • Simplified teaching
  • Content designed for your target group
  • Fun teaching experience


  • Self-determined, individualized learning
  • Active acquisition of knowledge
  • Stärkung verschiedener Kompetenzen/Soft Skills:
    • Self-management
    • Cooperation
    • Communication
    • Problem solving
  • Application of learned content in the simulation game
  • Fun learning experience