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A new way of learning

Welfare Xperience


What is that?

We aim to provide knowledge about the basics of animal welfare and herd management in cattle and sheep.

For this purpose, we are developing a digital platform for teaching and independent learning.

We deal with a wide range of topics, from basic knowledge, such as anatomy and physiology, to specifics of animal observation and innovative forms of husbandry. 

For whom?

With Welfare Xperience, we primarily address students of agricultural and livestock sciences, students from technical schools and trainees in agriculture and animal husbandry.

We also want to reach the teachers in these fields and enable them to integrate our content into their teaching. 

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In what form?

The content will be interactive in the form of a learning platform and a simulation game. In addition, content will be available in both German and English. 



Since our workshop in February, the prototype has steadily evolved and has been expanded to include the "Comic Automaton" concept. 

A "Comic Automaton" is an interactive learning tool in the style of a comic book that can be used to teach a topic area including background information. The interactions in the comic make it possible to try out different forms of animal management and to create different narrative threads. 

Learning paths with negative outcomes can also contain important insights and be tested in the digital game without harming real animals. 

On June 14, the concept of the comic automat was presented to a poster presentation at the Research and Transfer Day of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. 

In addition, a group of students worked in the summer semester on the creation of an interactive comic on the topic of "correct milking".

Our cow in comic style
© Denis Malinko
A story begins
© Denis Malinko
Our calf in comic style
© Denis Malinko
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Blauer Kreis - Dekorative Illustration

Das Projekt ist Teil der Modell- und Demonstrationsvorhaben (MuD) Tierschutz im Bundesprogramm Nutztierhaltung. Die Förderung erfolgt aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft (BMEL) aufgrund eines Beschlusses des deutschen Bundestages, Projektträger ist die Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE), Förderkennzeichen «FKZ»

Gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages, Projektträger: Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung